Devil's Oven: The fire in the Heart of
the Little Cities of Black Diamonds
- A Video Documentary

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Local Organizations

Little Cities of Black Diamonds

The Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council's Mission:
To keep alive the past stories and traditions of the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Region and through our history, culture and environment help enrich the future quality of life in the region.

Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council is to promote the story of the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Region in southern Perry, northern Athens, and eastern Hocking Counties of Ohio where the impact of the extractive industries of coal, oil, clay and iron ore have significantly impacted our way of life since the late 1800's.

The Council, made up of individual citizens and representatives of community organizations, governmental bodies, tourism related entities and educational institutions, will plan and carry out events, tours, and educational projects that will promote the historical, cultural, civic and environmental assets of our region.

We believe that the understanding of our region's story and assets by the residents of our region will help citizens and organizations become more actively involved in the regeneration of the Little Cities of Black Diamonds area

We endeavor to share our story and assets with others who live outside this region as well, utilizing a low impact tourism strategy that will economically benefit our region without displacing the positive aspects of our rural culture. (local control and ownership, limited traffic, privacy, etc.)

Finally, through our efforts, we seek to move the image of our region away from one of poverty and decay, toward an image of quality small town and rural living where historical and cultural exploration are common- place and where community and environmental regeneration are a way of life.

Monday Creek Restoration Project

Monday Creek, located in the Appalachian Region of southeastern Ohio, is a 27-mile long tributary of the Hocking River, the latter which flows directly into the Ohio River. The Monday Creek Watershed drains a 116 square-mile area, with streams winding through portions of Athens, Hocking, and Perry Counties.

Their project is a collaborative partnership of officials and residents of the Monday Creek watershed, along with more than 20 other organizations and state and federal agencies. The shared goal is to restore the watershed for the benefit of local communities. Large portions of Monday Creek and its tributaries are dead due to acid mine drainage (AMD) left behind from a century of coal mining.

Rural Action

Rural Action has projects in 14 counties and makes an impact on most of the 29 counties of Ohio Appalachia.
Rural Action's mission is to promote economic, social, and environmental justice in Appalachian Ohio.
Rural Action's vision is to create model strategies for the region that involve a broad base of citizens in building environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Wayne National Forest Service



Wild Wood Inn & Llama Farm

The Wildwood Inn is conveniently located 2 miles from the Buckeye Trail and Wayne National Forest, and 20 minutes from the Hocking Hills.

Experience the natural woodland landscape as never before, bird watch, walk in the woods, or just relax on our spacious deck. Nearby you will find a variety of vacationer's delights from art gallery hopping and antiquing to the vigorous outdoor sports - rapelling, canoeing, water skiing, hiking, cross country skiing, or fishing, boating.



Mark Stucker, Director of Photography

Jim Merkl, Sound

Cheryl Blosser, Assistant to the Producer, Little Cities of Black Diamonds.


Music from the Documentary Soundtrack

"Fine Times at Our House, Music and Musical Traditions of Southern Ohio"
Produced by Karen Bump and Steven McDaniel. ©2001-2003.
Available from Rural Action —  $15 plus $1.75 S&H